The observant ones among you may have noticed something in our tokenomics, something that smells of money, something that rhymes with and also elicits the word: “Don’t stop.”

That’s right, we’re talking about Swirl’s airdrop!

We’ll be dropping 5% of the entire token supply to our users. It’s a total of 250,000 SWIRL tokens! Over 1.2 million USD there for the taking!

So how can you get a piece? It’s simple. Keep reading below.

Airdrop Procedure

There will be two airdrops. The first will be on Saturday, April 10th, 2021, and the second on Saturday, April 24th.

If your deposit wallet has…

Many people who utilize the Ethereum blockchain are familiar with its most popular privacy solution: This decentralized protocol uses cryptographic methods(zkSnarks) to break the on-chain link between deposit and withdrawal addresses, allowing for anonymous transactions.

Currently supporting over 100M USD-worth of tokens flowing through its privacy funnel every day, Tornado has thus proven the reliability and effectiveness of its implementation over a long time, cementing its status as the gateway to anonymity on Ethereum. …

When Swirl launches, it will add a much-needed privacy layer to Binance Smart Chain that anyone could use. So keeping in mind everyone’s best interests, we believe Swirl’s future should be decided in a distributed manner, by the ones who are most invested in it. That’s why the protocol’s power will be in the hands of the SWIRL token holders through community governance.

SWIRL Distribution

A large proportion of Swirl’s tokens will be released to the public, allowing any party to get involved in accumulating SWIRL, creating a fair distribution. This will be accomplished through a liquidity mining program.


Blockchains are marvelous pieces of system technology, allowing for trustless, secure, and efficient transfer of data across countless nodes. This is all possible because the data is distributed, making it verifiable, and transparent like a beautiful diamond. Yet, while this transparency empowers the system as a whole, it comes at a great price to the individual user — the lack of anonymity.

On almost all the most populated blockchains, every transaction, every wallet address, every piece of on-chain data is visible to anyone who wishes to see it. That means that like the blockchain, you as an individual are exposed…

Swirl Cash

Decentralized protocol for private transactions on Binance Smart Chain. Website:

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