Swirl Tokenomics and Liquidity Mining

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3 min readMar 14, 2021

When Swirl launches, it will add a much-needed privacy layer to Binance Smart Chain that anyone could use. So keeping in mind everyone’s best interests, we believe Swirl’s future should be decided in a distributed manner, by the ones who are most invested in it. That’s why the protocol’s power will be in the hands of the SWIRL token holders through community governance.

SWIRL Distribution

A large proportion of Swirl’s tokens will be released to the public, allowing any party to get involved in accumulating SWIRL, creating a fair distribution. This will be accomplished through a liquidity mining program.

45% of the tokens will be available through liquidity mining, and another 20% through presale. With 12% of the tokens also being used to seed liquidity on PancakeSwap and 5% for airdrop to the initial users of the platform, 82% of the total amount of SWIRL tokens will be available to the general public, achieving what we believe to be a relatively fair and open distribution.

Token Utility

SWIRL will be the governance token of the Swirl.cash protocol. Holders will be able to vote on all future initiatives and shape the direction of the project itself.

1% will be charged as a fee for every use of Swirl.cash’s privacy funnel. Those proceeds will then be used to buyback SWIRL on the market and burn it, creating upward pressure on price. In the future, governance will be able to add these funds to a DAO treasury and use them as they see fit.

In addition, every SWIRL blockchain transaction will have a 2% tax that will also be burned, creating even more deflationary upwards-pressure on price.

With this system in place, we believe SWIRL will be a token worth holding not only for its governance power, but also for its deflationary nature.


Here is how the supply of SWIRL tokens will be segmented:

Total SWIRL tokens: 5,000,000 — no more can be minted.

— — —

45% (2,250,000 tokens) — Liquidity Mining
20% (1,000,000 tokens) — Presale
12% (600,000 tokens) — PancakeSwap Seed Liquidity
10% (500,000 tokens) — Treasury
5% (250,000 tokens) — Team (locked for 1 year)
5% (250,000 tokens) — Airdrop to the initial users of the platform
3% (150,000 tokens) — Advisors (25% available at IDO, 75% vested over 3 months)

Liquidity Mining

In order to distribute the SWIRL tokens in an equitable manner, 45% of them will be apportioned as rewards to liquidity miners, who will LP the SWIRL/BNB pool on PancakeSwap, and then stake those LP tokens on our platform. We also plan to frontload the rewards, distributing them all over a period of only one month. We believe this will deliver an extremely high APY and bring in lots of awareness to Swirl.

The emissions schedule is the following:

  • Week 1: 20% of tokens (1,000,000)
  • Week 2: 13% of tokens (650,000)
  • Week 3: 8% of tokens (400,000)
  • Week 4: 4% of tokens (200,000)

Presale Information

Swirl will be doing its presale on Wault LaunchPad — Wault.Finance

Presale Hardcap: 800 BNB

Presale price: 1BNB = 1250 SWIRL

Listing Price : 1BNB = 1000 SWIRL

600 BNB will be used for initial liquidity on Pancakeswap locked via Wault Locker.

For more information, please visit here: https://waultfinance.medium.com/

Communications Swirl Cash:

Website: https://swirl.cash/
Telegram: https://t.me/Swirl_Cash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Swirl_Cash



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